Play the way
you want


Microsoft's mission to empower everyone to achieve more is truly reflected in Xbox's latest product: the Xbox Adaptive Controller. This new controller allows individuals with limited mobility the freedom to play games the way they want. We were proud to partner with Xbox to develop an integrated marketing approach that celebrates the new accessory and the freedom it provides.

Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
3D / VFX / Post
Motion Graphics

Spread the Word

Initially approached to solve product imagery, Ten Gun Design pushed to connect the product renders to a greater message. For us, the Adaptive Controller was much more than a pretty deviceā€”it represented freedom of movement and a leveling of the playing field for individuals with limited mobility.

Bring it to life

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is a centralized hub for many other devices to plug into. For product visuals, this required cables to be a big part of the understanding. We used the cables to our advantage; incorporating them into the messaging as a strong visual element. An animated video breaks down the complexity of the device into easily understood bits.

Wrap it Up

Having established the packaging system for Xbox consoles and accessories, adding a new form factor was easy. Xbox packaging engineers spent a lot of time getting the form factor right. Focus groups were able to help dial in an unboxing experience that was simple enough to open with your teeth. To celebrate the unique functionality of the package we animated a step by step unboxing.

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