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When a respected dynasty such as the Xbox family gets a powerhouse of an addition like the Xbox One X, we knew there’d be a lot to get right. The new console had to look, sound, smell, and feel like it belonged on gamer's shelves, but still have the intrigue of something this new and awesome.

Brand Strategy
Brand Guidance / Development
Packaging Form Factors
Logo Design / Typography


Using the visual language guidance we helped establish for Xbox One S as a foundation, our team took up the challenge of solving for a whole new range of assets and how they work within the new system, from logo wordmark, to packaging, to brand guidelines, to console lockups, and render retouch.


Creating the Xbox One X wordmark was more complicated than simply adding a letter at the end of an existing logo. The team had to reverse-engineer the Xbox logo back into its base elements and develop an exclusive type weight for the new console, from A-Z.

The ‘X’ became the keystone character that provided strength in the relationship between the console logos of the One S and One X. The new lineup of Xbox wordmarks now maps back to a typeface that allows it to grow, while still feeling like a family.


A lot of emphasis is placed on product renders and the ‘hero’ angles of each console, but with the Xbox One X and Xbox One S both needing to occupy that same hero space, Ten Gun was presented with a challenge. The team provided a suite of console family lockups that found the relationships between the two devices and allowed for variation in order to champion one console over the other.


Before the big launch, Ten Gun was tasked with creating the Xbox Developer Kit, to introduce the new piece of tech simply and intuitively to potential game developers.

For the Press, our team designed a premium booklet that provided all of the benefits and messaging required to spread the word about the world’s most powerful console. After all, those trumpets need sounding.

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