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VR Experience

At Ten Gun, we are always looking beyond today to the communications platforms of tomorrow. Technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have exciting potential, but brands adopting VR have had limited success going beyond the gimmick. We want to know: what’s the point of this experience beyond just the novelty? What is it trying to communicate? What’s the story? That’s how we’ve approached creating our own virtual experiences: by applying the principles of user-centered design and narrative structure to a new technology to create something entirely new and memorable.

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VR Experiences
Digital Showroom

Our virtual reality and 3D teams worked together to create a “virtual showroom” experience for a new motorbike, which ties together our “design with depth” mantra with the kind of demonstration you might get at a major automotive trade show. It begins when you put on a headset and find yourself in a calm space, allowing you to transition into virtual reality. A single key hangs in the air. Grab it and the lights turn on, highlighting a pedestal where you insert the key into an ignition and begin the demo.

There’s some razzle-dazzle reminiscent of a big car reveal, and things really get interesting when you begin customizing your own motorcycle, swapping out lights, colors, and seats. You’re then free to explore your new bike stem to stern, even sitting on it and giving it a rev. A companion AR app allows someone to take a picture of you on your amazing new bike. The narrative is told in a familiar, even comforting way, engaging the user from start to finish in something meaningful and personal to them.

What Ten Gun discovered is that when you apply design and narrative structure to a user journey within a VR experience, it becomes cool for the same reasons that a video or a website are cool: it engages people in such a way that they want to go deeper. The entire motorbike experience could take a couple of minutes; we found people were taking up to a half-hour to explore the extreme level of detail on their new bikes (down to the scratches on the chrome).

This is what brings a VR experience beyond just some silly gimmick, and it’s what Ten Gun has been doing across mediums for years. Virtual Reality is simply another canvas to apply our same rigorous creative standards—designing with depth and telling stories that matter. New technologies are waiting for people to unlock their potential, and we’ve put the key in the ignition of VR to see what it can do for us and our clients.

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