State of Decay 2


State of Decay 2

We partnered with Xbox and the team at Undead Labs to design the artwork for State of Decay 2, an open-world survival fantasy game set in post-apocalyptic small-town America. This sequel for the zombie franchise takes place 15 months after the initial outbreak. The dead have risen, civilization has fallen, and humanity stands on the brink of extinction. We designed a visual identity that captures the punctuated, calm moments within the game that keep players on their toes.

Visual Identity
Design Production
3D / VFX / Post
Logo Design / Typography
Motion Graphics

​The bird
is the word.

Our original logo for State of Decay had strong elements that needed to carry over for the sequel. Transitioning the logo from an arcade game to a AAA title required some serious vetting. After rounds of iterations on birds that were more detailed, angry, and decayed, refining the type and removing distracting elements was all that was needed.

Disturbed Tranquility

The visual identity for State of Decay 2 captures a picturesque still moment inside a fortified “home”. Outside the window is a decayed, beautiful world with shadowy figures approaching. Friend or foe, these figures represent the uncertainty and ambiguity that players will face in the game. A circle of life encompasses these figures: Rainbow (hope), Storm (danger), Shadows (death). Decisions within the game hold heavy consequences. Deciding which character to play and when to use them is key to surviving in a world where the next supply raid you go on could be your last.

Marketing Arsenal

Visual identities need to flex further than they ever have. The consumer’s first touch point with a game is in the digital space, not in a store. In order to develop the suite of assets needed to market games in the current gaming industry, we have shifted how we approach creation of key art. Our identities are designed and built to address the gauntlet of cropping sizes. We concept with depth and motion in mind to add deeper meaning and provide new levels of engagement.

Designing with Depth

Our 3D team incorporated in-game assets within a world they built from the ground up. This was revolutionary for our design team as we now had depth as a key component to be able to craft the visual. Producing the key art in this way allowed our team to easily add atmospherics and motion. This new approach of designing with depth has opened doors to easily extend our visual identities into the motion and XR marketing space.

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