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Microsoft Surface

We think the Microsoft Surface is the most inspiring and enabling tool to live behind a screen. Working with a brand partner like that necessitates a premium experience for customers across all marketing materials. Ten Gun collaborated closely with the brand team to help establish an identity fit for this high-performing addition.

Brand Strategy
Content Strategy
3D / VFX / Post


Ten Gun and Microsoft go way back. Our tenure with the Xbox brand earned us the chance to implement the “One Microsoft” initiative to unify their products under one cohesive identity, with Surface taking the lead. The packaging had to feel like a single entity, but stay flexible enough to highlight devices from the simplest PC hardware mouse, to the oversized Microsoft Surface Hub, with a premium look and feel.

Day-to-day we work as brand guidance counselors, developing standards and best practices for campaigns, and setting the tone for future assets across channels.


We’ve found the best way to discover all the amazing things the Microsoft Surface can do is by actually using it as a tool. What better way to show the potential of the Surface pen than by turning our designers loose with it to create custom illustrations?

Microsoft Surface requires a bevy of content to market the brand. We’ve produced everything from device renders, to imagery retouches, to screen design. Through immersion in the brand, we can tell a more genuine story to customers.

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