Microsoft HoloLens

Developing a mixed
reality brand

Microsoft HoloLens

We’ve been working with Microsoft HoloLens since the hush-hush pre-launch days. Back then, the brand’s goal was to inspire developers, while familiarizing future customers with the concept of mixed reality. Now, as the HoloLens brand transitions from building a solid base of enthusiastic developers to a full-fledged mixed reality brand, our fluency with the technology has become our superpower.

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Visual Identity
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VR / AR Content


We discovered one of the biggest obstacles to customers entering the mixed reality market was the sheer complexity of it. Not a lot of folks fully understood what VR encompasses. They just knew they wanted it. If Microsoft HoloLens was going to own the term, “mixed reality,” we had to break it down, and clearly differentiate between VR, AR, and MR.

So we held a demo day where users got to experience each device. The takeaway? We got a comprehensive view of each device’s unique identifiers, through their eyes. With that knowledge in hand, we’ve been able to develop the most effective marketing collateral for HoloLens, and inform marketing teams tasked with bringing MR devices to market.


360º content has permeated our daily media buffet to the point that amazing is the new standard. So how do you properly convey the power of Microsoft HoloLens? Well if you’re Ten Gun, you create a uniquely indicative visual identity, overlaying moving 3D visuals within a 360º space.

The challenge was mastering visuals that tell a user’s experience, while staying grounded as premium lifestyle imagery. We needed to be adaptive to the environments, models, and photographers to tell a complete story. That meant developing an entirely new process to capture the photographs.

We built placeholder holograms so the models could see and react to actual dimensional visuals in front of them. A capture rig displayed the holos in-space to provide reference for the photographer to frame the image. Finally, we mapped the environment’s dimensions and reflective properties. This allowed us to seamlessly blend physical and virtual reality into one compelling story.


Creating the un-boxing experience for a device like the Microsoft HoloLens was a challenging opportunity. After all, what’s a pearl without an oyster to keep it pristine? Careful instructions and proper handling techniques are vital to the health of the HoloLens, so we had to get the packaging right. With an existing ‘pebble’ to house the HoloLens, Ten Gun designed an outer package and user guide that were both elegant and informative.

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