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Microsoft Band

11 sensors and unmatched tracking capabilities made Microsoft’s first wearable device an immediate contender in the wearable sphere. They had the clout, they had the tech—they just needed to tell a story. With a litany of assets to produce and a crucial brand reputation to uphold, we were excited for the challenge.

Brand Strategy
Brand Guidance / Development
Icons / Visual Systems
Content Strategy
Packaging Form Factors


Designing the packaging for MS Band meant building off the systems we’d already established for Microsoft devices. For added utility, customers could use a simple, eye-pleasing chart on the box itself to measure their wrist size.


We broke down Microsoft Band use into five main activities: golfing, biking, running, crossfit training, and casual daily use. To create visuals that were adaptable enough to be used for marketing teams around the world, we built smart render assets that would allow designers to swap-out screen UI for the specific capability being highlighted, regardless of the angle of the Band in the shot.


As sophisticated as the Band’s tracking capabilities are, it needed a clear set of instructions to make tracking customers’ exercise as familiar as the back of their hand. Combining key lifestyle fitness imagery with Band UI and web application results allowed us to provide an easy snapshot of what your wrist is telling you while exercising, and the rich data your web application gives post-workout.

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