Life is full
of variables


Assurance is on a mission to build better insurance. By combining industry expertise with smart system design and data science, they work to make getting the right insurance quick and easy for everyone. Joining Assurance on their mission to simplify insurance was an easy choice. Make insurance simple? Challenge accepted.

Brand Guidance / Development
Icons / Visual Systems
Content Strategy


Our approach started with gaining a deeper understanding of two basic questions. Why does Assurance do what they do, and why do people want it? Through our brand study, research, and competitive analysis we discovered core company values and a noble cause. We also learned just how crowded and complicated the market is. Establishing this understanding allowed us to create a set of principles to frame our solutions.

​Centered on you.

We built an identity around you. Represented in vibrant red, you provide a layer of protection for your family. Established and trustworthy, blue and purple layers safeguard everything you love. Life, Health, Home, and Auto — Assurance has you covered from every angle.


We created a content map, a messaging framework, and crafted a beautiful set of icons. The resulting design system was built to flex across multiple mediums and channels while maintaining simplicity and consistency.


We brought it all together to design and build the Assurance website. With a healthy respect for the audience’s time, we created an experience that is easy to digest and to the point.

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