Amazon Basics

As if by magic

Amazon Basics

AmazonBasics came to us with an unusual and fascinating challenge. Their products are doing well, and people love them, but they have little brand recognition. After reading the brief we went home and were surprised to find how many of us were using and enjoying their products on a daily basis. They wanted to use motion on their product pages to start to build brand equity and highlight the breadth of products.

3D / VFX / Post
Motion Graphics
Live Action

Creating a Brand Promise

In order to convey in less than a minute the delight and ease of AmazonBasics, we proposed a video leveraging our unique blend of capabilities. AmazonBasics products seem to appear just when you need them, so we brought our 3D and VFX team into play to create a world that populated as if by magic. We also brought in the human element through live action, to capture the joy of interacting with these high quality products.

Our combined potential

To connect the worlds, we needed to seamlessly match our real and virtual sets. That’s where our invaluable in-house developers came in, building an AR app that allowed us to place the virtual set on our green screen stage. This meant that we could arrange the on-set lights knowing exactly where our virtual windows would be. Our post production team finessed the connection between the real and CG lighting. Joyful animations and dynamics celebrate the products, bringing the brand promise to life. This all added up to establish the tone of the brand: light, bright, and accessible.

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