A new experience
with music


We love music. Something about it just makes us move. If we need focus, inspiration, or distraction, we turn to music. It is one of our oldest forms of creative expression and it's also one of our best tools for motivation. With such a long history it would be easy to think we have heard it all, but at the intersection of art and technology the possibilities are exponential. So what comes next? — a music experience that automatically adapts to you and your environment. We think that sounds awesome, so we jumped at the chance to create an equally awesome identity.

Competitive Analysis
Brand Guidance / Development
Icons / Visual Systems
Logo Design / Typography
Motion Graphics

Start with intent

Our approach began with building a deeper understanding of AiMi and its objectives through our brand strategy framework. The process enabled the team to solidify a shared understanding of AiMi's goals, the experience they are creating, and why. With additional clarity and a solid foundation we dialed in the identity's tone and voice, uncovered a thought-provoking vision statement, and established core brand principles.

Make it dope

Our research into music, why people employ it, and related neuroscience studies showed us that music is literally brain candy. Wait, what? We wouldn't do the explanation justice here, so we'll just stick to music + brains = chemicals + feels. Sounds amazing. So, is AiMi an audio treat dispenser? Quite possibly. This was worth exploring.

Play it forward

Playlists? Where we're going we don't need playlists. AiMi is just getting warmed up. In the meantime, we created a landing page to kick things off. Check it out at, we can't wait to hear what comes next.

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